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    Flame retardant and
    UV-resistant fabric
    Anti-oil, water proo...
    Wool-like fabric
    Acid and alkali resi...
    Water proofing and a
    PTFE film
    Camouflage fabric
    Multi-functional lam...
    Polyester cotton ant
    Winter fire resistan
    Fire resistant cover
    FR water&oil repelle...
    FR long sleeve T-shi
    Winter FR water&oil ...
    Cotton nylon FR cove
    Work trousers
    FR denim suit
    Action trousers
    About Us

    Xinxiang Worldbest Patron Saint Co., Ltd. “located in Xinxiang high-tech Economic Development Zone, Henan Province, China” come from military enterprise originally, is an innovative enterprise with a number of patented technologies, integrating the production and research of clothing, fabrics and medical devices. Now our company has a R&D headquarter, a fabric production base, a medical equipment production base, three clothing production bases, with 330,000 Square meters of production plant, with the ability to produce 2,300,000 garments annually. The main products cover flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-static and other special fabrics, military clothing, special protective clothing, flame retardant clothing, anti-static clothing, acid and alkali resistant clothing, tents, medical protective clothing, medical face masks and other varieties, the products are widely used in fire protection, metallurgy, petrochemical work clothes, military uniforms, hospital work clothes, environmental protection, transportation and other fields.

    The company has more than 1000 high-level technical workers. Our company now has an highly efficient, professional and innovative team through strengthening theoretical learning and professional training for workers, and is equipped with advanced intelligent production line imported from Japan and Germany, combining modern intelligent manufacturing with scientific management. Each process from cutting to sewing production line to clothing products is in accordance with excellent production process, which further improve efficiency and quality for the production. The company has one supporting functional materials laboratory and testing center, one provincial engineering technology R&D center, which are equipped with advanced experimental equipment, can test the physical and chemical properties of fabrics in the aspect of PH value , composition, GSM, strength, color fastness, shrinkage rate, pilling, anti-static, flame retardant, oil and water repellent, acid and alkali resistance at any time by strictly following the domestic and foreign clothing product standards. Adhere to the principle of testing firstly before production, we can ensure the product indicators fully meet customer requirements. The quality control department checks the warehousing, cutting, sewing and packaging of raw material at each level, strictly implement the principles of self inspection, patrol inspection, and random inspection to ensure that the quality of finished products fully meets customer requirements. With advanced management systems, the warehouse can accommodate hundreds of thousands of finished products , which are sorted and stacked in an orderly manner according to standards. The strict implementation of warehouse entry and exit management processes ensures accurate and timely delivery of products for customers. We focus on using high-tech, high quality, environmental protection, comfortable functional fabrics to produce neat sewing, durable, stable and fashion garments. The company has obtained certification for ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and ISO45001 occupational safety and health management system. We have a good reputation in finished product quality, advanced and reliable product packaging, safe and punctual transportation system as well as honest and trustworthy spirit of contract. We can provide a full set of life-cycle solutions for customers' needs and benefit customers and the earth we rely on for survival through our high-tech, high-quality, environmentally friendly, and competitive products.

    As a pioneer for climate protection, sustainable products and engagement, we combine high product performance with uncompromising responsibility for the coming generations. We believe that high customer requirements and sustainability go hand in hand and are not a contradiction in terms. It is therefore our aim to do not only what is legally required but what is technically possible in order to optimise our products at every level. We want to establish ecologically responsible thinking as a matter of course in the textile industry by setting an example for others.


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