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    Flame retardant and fireproofing fabric

    After 'PROBAN' technology finishing, 'Patron Saint' series flame retardant and fireproofing fabric adopts the international well-known 'PROBAN' technology, 'PROBAN' flame retardant is mainly used in cotton fiber and blended fabrics, the fabrics after finishing has durability, and form permanent cross-linking in the interior of the fabric, it can effectively prevent the spread of the fire, and protect the original performance of the fabric, it can be washed for more than 50 times. 'Patron Saint' series flame retardant fabric is inspected by German TUV, it has reached the 'ISO11611' standard, meets the Grade I flame retardant cloth requirement of EU and other countries, it also complies with the national standard GB8965-98 flame retardant protective clothing requirement.

    This fabric has favorable wash fastness, non-toxic, odorless, safe to human body, air and moisture permeable, has the soft feeling, it is comfortable. It is applied in fire control, metallurgy, forestry, machinery and other industries as flame retardant protective clothing, it can also be use din hotel, restaurant, singing hall as decoration fabric.

    Please select 'Patron Saint' brand flame retardant fabric for the safe of hundreds of employees.


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