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    Flame retardant and
    UV-resistant fabric
    Anti-oil, water proo...
    Wool-like fabric
    Acid and alkali resi...
    Water proofing and a
    PTFE film
    Camouflage fabric
    Multi-functional lam...
    Polyester cotton ant
    Winter fire resistan
    Fire resistant cover
    FR water&oil repelle...
    FR long sleeve T-shi
    Winter FR water&oil ...
    Cotton nylon FR cove
    Work trousers
    FR denim suit
    Action trousers
    Winter FR water&oil repellent anti-static coverall

    [Material and Style]: 100% cotton fabric. one-piece or two-piece garments can all be produced. It is better to use plastic, nylon and other non-metallic materials to produce buttons, zippers, hooks, tabs and other accessories for work clothes. If metal accessories are used in the production of work clothes, they should be tried on to ensure that the metal accessories are not exposed outside when wearing in various activities. Look at the reverse side of the work clothes, it is best to use the same anti-static fabric for pocket, welt, reinforcement cloth, etc. If other materials are used, the exposed area should be less than 20% of the exposed area of the anti-static fabric. For cotton clothes and fully lined work clothes made for cold protection and warmth or other special requirements, the cotton inner cover and fully lined part shall be removable.

    [Applications] : Petroleum, Mining and Metallurgy, Chemistry, Electronics, Atomic energy, Aerospace, Weapons, Food, Fireworks, medicine industry, etc.

    [Customization] : Fabric specifications, color, style, Asia size, European size, can be customized according to user needs.

    [Product color] : Navy blue, Red, Orange, Silver gray, Royal blue.

    [Executive Standard] :

    GB8965.1-2009 "Flame Retardant protection of protective clothing Part 1: Flame retardant clothing"

    GB8962.2-2009 "Flame Retardant protection of protective clothing Part 2: Flame retardant clothing"

    GB12014-2009 "Anti-static Clothing"


    CE EN1149-1:1996 "Test methods and Requirements for surface resistivity and electrostatic properties of protective clothing"

    CE EN1149-2:1997 "Test method for electrostatic properties and material resistance (vertical resistance)of protective clothing"

    CE EN1149-3:2004 "Test method for measurement of electrostatic properties and charge decay of protective clothing"






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