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    Flame retardant and
    UV-resistant fabric
    Anti-oil, water proo...
    Wool-like fabric
    Acid and alkali resi...
    Water proofing and a
    PTFE film
    Camouflage fabric
    Multi-functional lam...
    Polyester cotton ant
    Winter fire resistan
    Fire resistant cover
    FR water&oil repelle...
    FR long sleeve T-shi
    Winter FR water&oil ...
    Cotton nylon FR cove
    Work trousers
    FR denim suit
    Action trousers
    Camouflage fabric

    'Patron Saint' brand water-proofing camouflage canvas has the excellent water proofing, acid and alkali resistant, wind proofing, anti-infrared and other properties, especially the hydrostatic pressure resistance, the initial can reach 20000Pa, the average index can meet Q/XAS006-92 standard. The water proofing camouflage fabric with high performance is for military and civil use, such as  the individual load carrier, gun cover, civil bag, schoolbag, rain-proof tent, vehicle covering cloth, which are preferred by various industries for their excellent performance.

    Other water proofing camouflage fabrics produced by our company can meet the different requirements.


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