Women in Wicca 1950-1970 - Christina Oakley Harrington

This illustrated talk looks at women's power - and its limits - in the formative years of the Craft in Britain, inviting us to reconsider and re-evaluate priestesses and their spheres of authority - and their axes of vulnerability. We will take a ride through the English suburbs of post-war Britain, dive over to the 'mysterious' Isle of Man, and hearken to the rituals of eating battenburg cake whilst balancing a teacup on one's knee.Finally, we ask how does Wicca's history suggest inform the present - and the future  state of coven-based initiatory witchcraft.


Christina Oakley Harrington, PhD is the founder of Treadwells Books; a former academic, she now occasionally writes and speaks on the history of Wicca and occultism.