Talk: Before the Tree – the roots of early Kabbalah

Before the Tree of Life, Kabbalah was a world of chants, cubes and chariots. Magical traditions do not develops in isolation, they are influenced and cross-fertilised by earlier and contemporary practices.  This is particularly true of the Kabbalah, which grew from roots in systems like Gnosticism, Neo-Platonism and Merkavah Mysticism. This lecture will explore some of the influences which fertilized the development of early Kabbalah, such as the spirit chariot (Merkavah) riders journeying through angelic palaces, and the hugely important influence of the Shekinah, herself developed from the Canaanite goddess Asherah and other ancient wisdom goddesses. Forget what you think you know about Kabbalah, and return to the sources.

David will also be presenting a workshop based on his forthcoming book  Sephir Yetzirah Magic published by Hadean Press.

David Rankine is an author, esoteric researcher and magician who lives in Glastonbury, England with his partner, artist and tattooist Rosa Laguna.  He has been making major contributions to the modern occult revival since the 1980s, through lectures, workshops, presentations, articles and books.  His esoteric expertise covers a wide range of topics, including the Western Esoteric Traditions, especially the Qabalah, the Grimoire tradition, Greco-Egyptian magic and Ceremonial Magic, as well as British Folklore and European Mythology.


David’s esoteric knowledge and scholarship can be seen in the thirty books he has authored, his essays in various anthologies, and hundreds of articles for magazines, journals, international part-works and websites.