Eriko Kawanishi (Ms) is an anthropologist of the Goddess movement, contemporary Paganism, alternative spirituality and sacred landscape tourism, and conducted her fieldwork mainly in Glastonbury, UK. She also researches Western witchcraft and Wicca in Japan where she lives and works.


Making a Shinto Talisman

Shinto is one of the main religions in Japan and sometimes is considered to be  Japanese  “Paganism.” In this workshop we will create a talisman from this tradition and an amulet bag to put it (time permitting).

You can buy the amulets, omamori, at Shinto shrines or Buddhist temple in Japan. The priests make the amulets and the bag. We will be following their methods. The talisman, shide, is used to symbolise the border of sacred places in Shinto or to get rid of the negative energy. In Japan, they can often be seen tied to trees around Shinto shrines, or on the house altar in homes.