Saints and Sinners, Tricksters and Bruxas


The assorted Books of Saint Cyprian that have been published during the last several years have spawned a great interest in the magic of the infamous sorcerer saint from Antioch. But any Book of Saint Cyprian is much more than a book of spells and recipes, and all of them are populated with fascinating and hilarious tales of those brave (or foolish) enough to believe in magic.


This talk will explore the cast of characters found in the literature of Saint Cyprian of Antioch: our hero Vitor Siderol who makes a pact with the Devil, witch-queen Maria Padhilla, the aunties with their magical advice, those brave treasure-hunters who faced unimaginable frights in their quest for gold from a forgotten age, the Devil who is always there to lend a helping hand, the shadowy figure of Saint Justina, Cyprian himself, and so many more. Through their stories we’ll see how the literature of Saint Cyprian has evolved over time and travelled through the great landscape of human folly.


Erzebet Barthold is the founder and owner of Hadean Press, publisher of occult books, journals, and pamphlets, as well as co-director of the Magickal Women Conference LLP. She is a member of the Miniature Book Society, the Society of Bookbinders, and the Ordo Templi Orientis. In her spare time she is a tribal belly dancer.