Geraldine Hudson is an interdisciplinary British artist, curator and magickal practitioner based in Stockholm.

During her Masters in 2006 she began exploring Jungian archetypes, sexuality and transgression in relation to carnival/ritual, place and event, since then, her practice has gradually evolved to acknowledge her own hereditary relationship with the esoteric, as experiential research rather than anthropological study.

Working primarily at the intersections between site, myth, psychological topography & the liminal experience of the female magickal body, she attempts to communicate something about a state of being, embracing the shadow,  with focus on the space between and an intention of re-enchantment.


Land Magick – A workshop on psychogeomagickal workings.


Taking as a starting point the idea that our increasing alienation from the land may be responsible for many of our imbalances physically and metaphysically, whilst acknowledging that sacred place  is as important as sacred time in a magickal working, this workshop will be an introduction to one way of working with the land, of creating a sacred place amongst the seemingly profaned world.

How through deep listening and other physical methodologies, that a hierophanic topography can be created through our intuitive connection to the genius loci,

As a hedge witch and artist working with land and place, who has also moved around a lot, I have learnt to adapt to working with the physicality of the land and to seeking out and finding my own ritual sites which resonate with my needs.


In this interactive workshop I'll introduce various elements of land magic and give a little background to the subject, but this will be very much a hands on, empirical happening.  and . Starting in a chosen place outside, (so please wear warm and suitable clothing for the time of year, participants will be directed and facilitated how to re-connect with the land and how physical properties from a certain place can then serve as charged magical artefacts for future workings