James North


The Hidden Magic in Greek Myth, and the Mysteries of Hermes and Hekate


In our time there has been a great reawakening of interest in Greek Magic. This involves diverse traditions, from Theurgy and the Mystery Cults, practical magic and sorcery, to the revival of pagan polytheism. This workshop shows that these are parts of a complete system, and discusses why the Greek tradition is important in a time of ecological crisis and political conflict. We will discuss the presence of the gods, and the nature of the Primal Powers as seen in the myths. We will see how Hermes and Hekate can open up a living connection and collaboration between humans and the whole cosmos. 


All the teachings presented will be applied through meditative practises and energy work. The session will close with a special ritual, uniting the inspiration of Dion Fortune's Rites of Pan with the cosmic Mysteries of the Orphic tradition.


James North is a Hermeticist, who combines a lifelong passion for Greek myth with the practice of Angelic Magic. He has trained in several Qabalistic groups and has been guiding meditation and ritual groups for many years. His particular interest is in making Greek philosophy and theurgy accessible today.