Workshop: The Celtic Mysteries of William Butler Yeats.

We are now offering an in-depth workshop on early Saturday afternoon on the Celtic Mysteries. This workshop will use the methods of skrying and meditation that Yeats's Golden Dawn group used to contact the Irish deities and heroes. Following the "Explorations", as Yeats called them, there will be a ritual based on the unpublished initiations into Yeats's Celtic Order. Follow the watery path through the Well of Conla to the land of Gods and Heroes, where you will meet with the Tuatha de Danaan and other figures from the myths of the ancient Irish.

James North is a graduate of the University of Oxford (Magdalen) in Classics and Philosophy. He went on to acquire two MAs, in computer science from Queen Mary College, London and in Renaissance Studies from the Warburg Institute. He lectures and teaches on subjects as diverse as traditional astronomy and star lore, 17th century science, philosophy, mythology and alchemy, with particular expertise in the works of Francis Bacon, and the Cambridge neo-Platonists. He is a professional-level musician in diverse stringed instruments and in styles from medieval/classical to jazz and rock.