Goose and Crow Magic: Working with the Spirits
John Constable aka John Crow and Katy Kaos

Writer John Constable aka John Crow works with ancestral spirits, spirits of place and his personal spirit guide, The Goose. His seminal work The Southwark Mysteries was revealed by The Goose to John Crow at Cross Bones Graveyard. John and his co-practitioner, activist craft-worker Katy Kaos, recently completed a 23-year cycle of magical works at Cross Bones, conducting monthly rituals and creating a shrine and a garden of remembrance for “the outcast, dead and alive”. They are presently introducing The Goose to the native spirits of their new home in Glastonbury.


TALK: Goose and Crow Magic
John Constable (workshop space, Saturday 4.00-5.00)

This talk explores the esoteric teachings of The Southwark Mysteries and John Crow’s workings with The Goose, the Guardian Spirit of Cross Bones Graveyard - and how Goose and Crow Magic can heal and transform our lives, reclaiming the physical world as sacred space.

The verses of The Southwark Mysteries were revealed in a vision to John Crow by The Goose, the spirit of a sex worker licensed by the church but buried in unconsecrated ground, a shape-shifting  channel and emanation of the Divine Feminine. These revelations guided the work to reclaim and rededicate the Cross Bones burial ground – transforming it from a derelict industrial site to a garden of remembrance for outcasts. Goose and Crow magic embraces diverse shamanistic and magical traditions in contemporary forms. It’s about re-patterning and remapping our reality, reconnecting and “re-membering”, opening ourselves to the unconditioned mind: The Goose at Liberty.

During the talk John will perform selected key verses from The Southwark Mysteries.


WORKSHOP: Working With The Spirits
John Crow and Katy Kaos (workshop space, Sunday 3.30-5.00)

This workshop offers an initiation into Goose and Crow Magic -  unfolding The Southwark Mysteries teachings and the Cross Bones Graveyard rituals in a Glastonbury setting - to honour the Ancestors, and to reveal “the Sacred in the profane, the Spirit in the flesh, Eternity in time.”

We explore channelling, shape-shifting, invocation, visualisation and envisioning a sacred space - balancing ritual precision with a freedom that allows the magic to happen. We “get out of the way” and cultivate a shining emptiness to open the pathways, allowing The Goose and the spirits to work through us. We work with and in the presence of The Goose and Crow agencies to activate and illuminate our individual paths, beliefs and magical practices.

Please bring a memento or totemic power object of your choosing to co-create our collective Altar to the Ancestors – and remember to reclaim it at the end of the ceremony!


John Constable is a playwright, poet, performer and urban shaman. His plays include the acclaimed stage adaptation of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast and The Southwark Mysteries, performed in Shakespeare's Globe and Southwark Cathedral. Solo plays include I Was An Alien Sex God and Spare, inspired by the life and work of Austin Osman Spare. His Sha-Manic Plays, The Southwark Mysteries, Gormenghast and Secret Bankside are published by Bloomsbury. A collection of his poetry, Spark In The Dark, is published by Thin Man Books. He has spoken at many conferences; he and Katy Kaos have conducted public ceremonies at festivals and sacred sites around the world. Many books have been written about their work at Cross Bones, including The Spirits of Crossbones Graveyard by Dr Sondra Hausner, Paul Slade’s The Outcast Dead, and chapters in Watling Street by John Higgs and A Tomb With A View by Peter Ross.


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‘… may the Spirit be with Crow and all them that walk beside him
when he walk about the Liberty with but his Goose to guide him ...’

John Constable, The Southwark Mysteries (Oberon Books, 1999; revised edition 2011)