Talk: Natural Philosophy: An Introduction to Druidry and Place-Based Spirituality

Druidry has earned a reputation as a spiritual tradition rooted in the landscape, with a powerful connection to ancient trees, standing stones and spirits of place. But how do druids connect with nature? What rituals, prayers, and spells do they use to reach into the Otherworld, and touch nature's wild heart? And what lessons do they have to teach the wider world, in this time of ecological crisis? Join Dr Jonathan Woolley - an environmental anthropologist and one of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids' Mount Haemus Scholars - and discover the power of Modern Druidry for yourself.


Beyond the Bookshop: Pagan Community after Covid

For decades, witches, shamans, druids and other pagans have walked an individualistic road. Solitary practice is very common, with shared spaces being shops, camps and websites, rather than anything more lasting. But after the huge disruption COVID, do these spaces still meet our needs? Should Pagan paths seek to create their own community, or aim to transform wider society? This facilitated discussion will explore the future of community for Pagans in Britain, exploring our needs, hopes, and setting goals for the future.

Dr Jonathan Woolley is a member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, and one of the Order’s Mount Haemus Scholars. As a social anthropologist he has written numerous articles on nature spirituality in Britain, and is currently working on the world’s first academic edited volume on Modern Druidry. He is a locum Tarot Reader at Treadwells, and is based in London.