Hinduism and the Occult - Kala Trobe

Chakras, mantras, Tantra, Shakti, meditation, yoga: a familiar lexicon to the modern occidental magickal/spiritual practitioner; and each word and concept the legacy of that venerable religion, Hinduism.


This talk explores the influence and significance of Hinduism on contemporary esoteric lore, and the high-level motivation and outstanding work of some of the luminaries who helped bring it to the West. It includes an outline of especially relevant Hindu Gods and Goddesses, their symbolism and practical function, and keys as to their correlation with other, perhaps more familiar deities. The function of the traditional Guru-disciple relationship, and its questionable relevance to the modern occidental mindset, is also investigated.


Kala Trobe is an author, esotericist, professional Tarot reader and witchy Hindu. Her books include Invoke the Goddess – Connecting to the Hindu, Greek and Egyptian Deities; The Magick Bookshop Trilogy – Stories of the Occult, and two lavish literary novels on magickal, ritual and reincarnational themes: Spiritus and Ascension. Find further details at www.kalatrobe.com