Talk: Witchcraft in the Wild: Glanvill & the Efficacy of Magic.

Saturday Feb. 19th, 2:30 pm.


One of the themes of Joseph Glanvill's 'Saducismus Triumphatus' (1681 & 1683) is the efficacy of malefic magic; regardless one's philosophical or theological objections, witches (and, it transpires, Quakers) appeared to get things done. This talk explores how the magical efficacy Glanvill described is corroborated by later psychical research, and the implications that may have for how we think about historical witchcraft."

Glanvill's "Saducismus Triumphatus" is one of the seminal texts in English about witchcraft and poltergeist phenomena. Paul Summers Young's transliterated text with a long introductory essay will be published in spring/early summer 2022 by Holythorn Press.

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