Workshop: Talismans in the Key of Solomon

In this workshop, Rob Rider Hill will share the results of several years study and practice of Solomonic magic. With the Mathers Key of Solomon as our principal resource, and reference to other works in this literary family, Rob will show the practical requirements for the preparation of paper, pens and ink, how to plan the appropriate timing, how to purify in advance of your ritual, and the necessary processes for purification, creation and consecration of your talismans.

We'll go through many of the processes in the workshop, looking at various modern techniques which you may find useful in addition to the prayers and methods given in our sources, and you'll leave with a handout which will provide a short set of practical instructions for you to create consecrate your own talismans in your own time.

Rob Rider Hill is a London-based magician with some background in Thelemic and Golden Dawn magic. He completed the Abramelin process, albeit in the six-month form, in 2018 and has spent the time since in a deep study of various Solomonic texts, and related traditions of Goetia.

His pamphlet The Little Key to The True Grimoire is currently available from Hadean Press, and a grimoire of utterly blasphemous Luciferian magic is soon to be made available by the same publisher.

Rob has blogs at and and from time to time produces tools and magical artefacts for private customers.