Dr. Robert Anderson Plimer


Lecture: Kenneth Grant and Atavistic Resurgence


In this lecture Bob will investigate the atavistic resurgence of the Typhonian or Ophidian Current through the works of Kenneth Grant. The audience should expect an incisive foray through both ancient theoria and praxis of magical philosophy and ancient history, and how the esotericism of Kenneth Grant continues to promote that of a deep and creative analyses of the Ophidian Current – and more specifically, whereby, individuals are tasked to understand the significance of Solar and Lunar consciousness as a whole.


Workshop: Activating Energies and Powers through Numbers and Letters


In this workshop Bob will analyze and explore the use of Stoicheia and Isopsephia: in particular, how through such as intoning and vibration, elemental energeia and planetary dunameis can be magically activated.


Robert Anderson Plimer was born and attended school in Edinburgh and then the Scottish Borders. Robert’s 1st degree was in Classics, but he now has several postgraduate degrees in both Classics and Philosophy. As a professional Musician (jazz pianist) and Composer (various), he worked extensively in the studio, and toured both in the UK and abroad. Coming from a family rooted in occultism he joined the Rosicrucians and certain other esoterically affiliated organizations over 40 years ago. As well as being a lifetime member of the International Alchemy Guild, and active member of the Ordo Typhonis he runs monthly seminars (including his own Phoenix Club), and lectures to various occult societies and individual groups on a variety of subjects, including: Hermeticism, Alchemy and Graeco-Egyptian Magick. Robert’s esoteric work includes a thorough knowledge of ancient and modern symbolism, and he is consulted by various organizations regarding ancient texts and manuscripts. Robert’s literary works include: a Four Volume series on Hermetic Philosophy; his now sought after Decoding Alchemy; The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley; and The Philosopher’s Net. Robert is at present completing work on a new ‘Nightside’ interpretation of the Hieroglyphs contained in The Book of Gates – the Egyptian Duat.