Rúairí Conneely is an eclectic magical practitioner based in Dublin, Ireland. Beginning with a homebrewed chaos approach in his salad days, his practice has developed through Iyengar Yoga, Taoist Breathwork, Hermeticism, the PGM and witchy night time excursions into the woods. He has presented multiple talks at the Dublin Pub Moot for Pagan Life Rites Ireland, on subjects ranging from Sigils to the pros and cons of Solitary Practice


Atom of Hekate is a visionary ritual meditation on change, impermanence and novelty, inviting the initiate into a Temple or Híeron of the Goddess of Liminality. Using the ancient and modern concept of the Atom as a metaphoric reference point, we are invited to reflect on how porous or changeable our concepts of the Fundamental and the Inviolable really are.