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Saturday February 22nd 2020


9:30-10:00       Welcome and Opening Ritual  

10:00-11:00      Erzebet Barthold  Saints and Sinners, Tricksters and Bruxas

11:00-11:15      Short break     

11:30-12:30      Kala Trobe  Hiunduism and the Occult

12:30-1:45        Lunch  

1:45-2:45          Tara Sanchez Urban Faery Magick

2:45-3:45          Bob Plimer  Kenneth Grant and Atavistic Resurgence

3:45-4:45          Christina Oakley Harrington  Women in Wicca 1950-1970

4:45-5:30          Panel


Saturday Night Social – details to follow


Sunday February 23rd 2020                  


10:00-11:00     Helen Gray  Plant consciousness and Herbal Allies

11:00-11:15     Short Break     

11:30-12:30     Peter Nash  Exorcism: A Wiccan Perspective

12:30-1:45        Lunch  

01:45-2:45       David Rankine Magic for Money - The Practices of British Cunning


02:45-3:45       Tony Fuller  The Hidden Links between the Golden Dawn, the       

                         Cromlech Temple and Glastonbury

3:45-3:30          Panel as before           

4:45-5:30          Closing Ritual 

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