Talk and Workshop: The Christian Mysteries and Magic

Christians have from the beginning been in denial about their appropriations of pagan antiquity in their mysteries, sacramentals and liturgy. In return, modern pagans and magicians are usually loathe to admit that the western magical tradition adapted and survived largely through those Christian appropriations. In this talk, a cradle Catholic and modern western magician joins up some of the dots in order to see both Christianity and our magical tradition as neither side would want us to.

There will also be a workshop to explore our own immediate relationship to this tradition, and how it can transform our practice. There will be magic.

The Kite is the British Isles Section head of the Illuminates of Thanateros, the premier chaos magic organization. He is also an Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid Order. He is currently preparing a book on the Elements and geomancy.

website: www.thekitescradle.com
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