Dr. Anthony Fuller - The Hidden Links between the Golden Dawn, the Cromlech Temple and Glastonbury 


Many people are aware that the Golden Dawn was a Hermetic Order which studied Magical Qabalah and Esoteric Christianity, and was very influential in the early 20th Century. But it is less known that the Golden Dawn was deeply influential on the group of Glastonbury based mystics known as The Avalonians. Dion Fortune and Frederick Bligh Bond were both members of the Golden Dawn. Wellesley Tudor Pole was in close contact with Golden Dawn members due to their shared interest in the Arthurian mysteries and the Round Table. Many Golden Dawn members were deeply involved in British and Druidical mysteries and in the Glastonbury work.


Dr Tony Fuller is one of the world's foremost experts on the Golden Dawn tradition. In this talk, he will raise the veil on the relationship between Glastonbury's Druidical and the Golden Dawn's mysterious sister Orders - The Order of the Table Round and the Sun Order.