Trevor Jones - Wands and Woods
Trevor Jones is the long time co-Proprietor of the Cat & Cauldron Witchcraft Shop in Glastonbury, and assists in the organising and running of the Glastonbury Occult Conference. He has always supplied the shop with a variety of items and services. The spell kits and candles are of his own design and construction. His hand-crafted wooden items include wands and staffs, scrying mirrors, turned wooden cases, and bowls and chalices turned on the same lathe. A historian/archaeologist by inclination (and arguably some academic training), and a member of OBOD, he generally walks and works a solitary esoteric path, and steadfastly refuses to be pigeon-holed. He can generally be found in Glastonbury behind the shop counter, or in his ‘Office’ – aka the George & Pilgrims, where the offer of a pint will invariably invoke a smile and some banter.
Numbers strictly limited, and please – ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY 
we will only have sufficient tools and materials for those who sign up in advance. All materials and tools and sundries provided - blank sticks (identified by tree species), sharp knives, and multiple grades of sandpaper will be provided for everyone who registers, but IF you have your own stick you’d like to try with – please bring it along. Ditto your own whittling knife – please make sure it is sharp.
There will be secateurs to help you cut and shape to size, and a bottle of linseed oil and a cloth for you to be able to seal and protect your finished wand.
You may well get the time to work on more than one wand - there will be a plentiful selection of fresh, part-dried, and bone-dry sticks so you can get a feel for the differences in handling raw material. Some of the raw material might have challenging or interesting features, which we will make sure you are aware of and can work with.
You will be shown the simplest way to determine the ‘right’ length, and also ways of shaping either end – also you may wish to try the ‘bark handle’ style – a simple technique giving an individual look to your wand.
If time permits we may be able to demonstrate a simple crystal tip, but we are not going to be able to use additional materials like leather or resins – these could always be added at home.
A variety of different surface finishes and feels can be achieved, and carving a simple spiral may be possible within the time frame if you are confident with a whittling knife.
Wands destined for the shop are always pyrographed on the handle end with the Ogham symbol for the tree it came from (so that our customers and staff can identify them!). There may be time for you to be a little creative by adding freehand symbols of your own. We will have a number of pyrography tools for anyone wanting to try their hand at decorating or sigilising their work.
Trevor will be your instructor and guide, and with over 50 years of woodworking experience, he can usually sort out any issues, but the main thing is to have FUN, and to go away with a magical tool that you have created or yourself, which is the most powerful kind you can have!