Trevor Jones 
Trevor Jones is the long time co-Proprietor of the Cat & Cauldron Witchcraft Shop in Glastonbury, and assists in the organising and running of the Glastonbury Occult Conference. He has always supplied the shop with a variety of items and services. The spell kits and candles are of his own design and construction. His hand-crafted wooden items include wands and staffs, scrying mirrors, turned wooden cases, and bowls and chalices turned on the same lathe. A historian/archaeologist by inclination (and arguably some academic training), and a member of OBOD, he generally walks and works a solitary esoteric path, and steadfastly refuses to be pigeon-holed. He can generally be found in Glastonbury behind the shop counter, or in his ‘Office’ – aka the George & Pilgrims, where the offer of a pint will invariably invoke a smile and some banter.
Workshop on beeswax candles and bee lore. The workshop will consist of practical making of a pure beeswax candle, a guided meditation, with plenty of time for questions on bees, wax, and candle magic.
Trevor will be your instructor and guide, and with many years of experience, but the main thing is to have FUN, and to go away with a magical tool that you have created or yourself, which is the most powerful kind you can have!